Tuesday, September 7

Fashion/Style Communities > A revolution in wear .

After being inspired by Street Style Blogs, and making that such production, what about receive feedback on your costumes and assembly of people who looks like you have styles similar to yours?

The Fashion / Style Communities has revolutionized the way people dress and be inspired and with this, the design, production and marketing for fashion. 

The design is affected in various ways, increasing the client throbs in the creation of models, often in a direct way as in site Threadless or RYZ.

The production of fashion changes with the growth of communities that oversees labor laws such as the network "Labour Behind the Label" and one of his members "Fashioning an Ethical Industries" (FEI) that promote practices for the improvement of labor conditions around the world with diverse actions in the real plane that integrate brands, companies , designers and students. 

There is also the growth of communities that sell handdawscraft production, manufacture of independent designers and pieces of second-hand stores such as second hands blogs (brechós)etsy, ebay , Clothes Agency and even Craiglist

The sale goes on the momentum of continuous growth of e-commerce, today in the pack of shopping clubs or Groups Buying.

Some communities add several of these new changes into one, like SenseofFashion, StyleCaster, which beyond allow members to exchange opinions about looks posted, yet allow them to market their creations, indicates brands and products based on weather, climate,  locations and other data profile of each user and still send this and other information to the cell phone of a member of the community.

Now to get inspired and get feedback on your style, i list the communities where basically you upload a photo and expect to receive comments.For me the most Twitted and commented on the web. 

Here users can create their own looks with the pieces that are placed on site by our partners or are captured by the users of the Internet and can share opinions, create contacts and exercise their creativity. All pictures of items and looks user-created can be shared, allowing full interaction 

It's pretty teenager but the crowd of twenty and few or many is scoring presence, the coolest is that each upload you have the option to edit your photo online with a plug at the site editor picnik. 
Street style here is not as strong but for me the concept of style and climate are most favored. 

The chictopia is more focused on clothing and involved with the fashion industry. Here you can browse by color and type of parts, location, style and genre of who uses them enter into discussions etc ... 

Similar to Chictopia but much more European. You also accompanies what people who you follow are wearing or organizing in an interface similar to twitter.

Simpler than the above two but quite street, with a US and Latin footprint. 

Do not miss the "Stylyzer" from covet.com. This tool analyzes your style, fits you into one 
category, shows some famous who dresses like you and regularly send emails with pieces of clothing that has to do with your result.Plus some filters that you can configure such as price, color and other characteristics. Heard to say that he is your Virtual
Personal Shopper, that means it helps you make the best buys according to your tastes and preferences.

That`s all folks,,,kisses and hugs, if you want you can add me in the communities, I am with the nickname "plexo" or "ismael trabuco". see you around on the net or on the street ;)

Thursday, August 12

don't give a damn style > any clothing that fits

Just examples to illustrate how to dress in suburbs in the most of time.

His name is "mandioca" 13 yrs old, works from monday to monday to feed your horses and other animals,,,why wear a gucci? unless you got for free or cheap

Quim is an old man that loves some drugs. do you think that he cares about fashion? he does but in a peculiar point of view.

Tuesday, June 1

Hip Hop Style - The Originals.

Partnership to produce a video between
"Plexo" and the Rap group "Clã Raça Forte” Brazil.
Magins of Sao Paulo
The national rap or "Rap Nacional" in portuguese is strong popular in Brazil,,, it is normally different.

Different because the rap nacional speaks about the reality for the majority population, the original propose for which it was created in the Hip Hop movement and because of that pays the price of be excluded of the big media. Paradox shared with other musician,
artists and followers in other margins around the globe, for sure.  

I know the importance of North Americans like Afrika Bambaataa creator of in the origin of Hip Hop, they are the founders beside some Jamaican guys like the Dj Kool Herc, but let me share one story that tells what i mean.

Once i met two Americans hip-hop militants (from Washington and NY ) in a community center of  Diadema city called "Casa do Hip Hop", in the marginal area of São Paulo.
They were invited to speak about hip-hop movement in his country, the origin and so. Suddenly a ~6 years old kid ask the guys: 
Iraqi Hip Hop dancers and
Michael Parks Masterson (kneeling, furthest right)
Iraqi Hip Hop dancers and Michael Parks Master...Image via Wikipedia- "what do you think about the raps singed
by some americans like 50cent? "

the guys answered:

- "well, neither everyone likes of these kind of rap..." and starts the discussion about gangsta, west and east coast...

Rap is different than Hip-Hop when it has different goals. The goal for Hip Hop is the striving for equality and justice. the same for some rappers who is united in a joint proposal,
Point for the Rap “Nacional”.

Style code.
As you know, Hip-Hop is the union of 4  street art elements: Graffiti, Break dancing, MC and DJ. Some people say that the fifith is Knowledge

The movement has various variants so i will describe here those who really is from the movement, in my point of view and for sure they inspires all the others who believes in the movement and who wants to join. The most important organization and source for the movement  is Zulu Nation.

I list what is most common separated but the items that can be merge in one look for any character. 

Break Dancers
More old-school style.
Hat with bandana or headband to dry the swear.
tight or just fit for shirts and pants.
Crew logos
Arm bands to avoid swear.

Graffiti Painters
Dirty pants with ink
Large Outfit
Backpack with various graffiti

MC’s and DJ’s
More linked with African roots.
Du Rag cap
Bling-Bling jewelry or Bijou.
Logo of your sport team.

Almost always sport shoes, most popular is basketball and street models. but some girls like to wear high shoes.

Saturday, May 8

Funk (Rio) Style > Malandragem Carioca

The Funk Carioca  is a mix of  Freestyle,  Miami bass and Funk of James Brown and so.
it's lyrics is often about crime, sex and forbidden themes, but they have a lot of strong lyrics in pro of the dwellers of slums.

I'm Brazilian and i don't like so much of this, but i can't ignore it cause even here in São Paulo it's a fever.

This is a compilation of funks that made success in 2009

Some say  that M.I.A  made some songs inspired in this funk...

The Style

Mini Shorts or Skirts;
Super skinny jeans;
Mesh fabrics;
Hat cap;
Piercing specially in navel;
No underwear;
High clogs;

Jeans and Shirt
Large summer outfits, just fit for winter ones
Cargo pants and  shorts;
Velvet Shorts
Sport shoes
Jewelry, chains, rings, earrings etc ...
Clothes and accessories can normally be faux.

Set Look

Slum Dunk presents Funk Carioca [Explicit]

Favela On Blast - Official Trailer from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 22

Geek Style > The Nerd's fashion

May i call it Marginal? for me yes because it's not in the mainstream of fashion, at least not "at all yet" but i think that i can post it here while it not completes your centralization.

In the right, Henrique, an 18 yrs guy from Diadema city, metropolitan area of São Paulo, he loves rock, emocore, screamo and this kind of bands. in this area he is uncommon but he isn't alone.

In may vogue features the Facebook`s COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Well, Facebook and Vogue are not in the margins but the 

So run and prepare your Nerd Style, before it spreads too much...you can see by what Sheryl is using on the picture of the report that the future of the geeks is `changing~ look to her "Marginal Dress" and here is some words of the Vogue's article titled "What she Saw at Revolution"

"...then emerges to answer the door in a sleeveless Calvin Klein dress and black Prada ankle boots. She calls these informal gatherings—a mix of venture capitalists, tech-company execs, moms, book-club friends, and her sister, Michelle—the Women of Silicon Valley, and they meet roughly once a month to listen to notable speakers pulled from Sandberg’s Rolodex (Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer; Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO turned California Senate hopeful; Eve Ensler, playwright and women’s-rights activist)."

I think that in TV the Sony Uggly Betty and her boyfriends is a most geek today,,,the folks of Big Bang Theory and Chuck had his time. for me this style on mainstream started in 1980's with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the others.And sure the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" is classical...

But in fact, second many fonts  "geek is first attested in 1876 with the meaning "fool," and it later also came to mean "a performer engaging in bizarre acts like biting the head off a live chicken." Perhaps the use of geek to describe a circus sideshow has contributed to its current popularity. 

I am feel like true geek, do you?

Take a look in these looks sets, it can inspires you;

Thursday, April 8

Tecno (Techno) Brega Style > Popular but not mainstream.How?

A musical movement from Belém do Pará - Brazil

What is interesting is that the artists do their "own" production, distribute this and make millions of  followers without need TV or other main broadcast media.

The fashion
I think that is simple like that available in the downtown commerces, but the artists has dancers that inspires the public.

-Most sensual as possible.
-Handcrafted details
-Mesh fabrics
-Exagerated washes
-corny, naiff, romantic (Brega in Portuguese)

Wanna know more > these vidz are amazing

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Wednesday, March 31

Inspiration < Interior Trends >

from HelloTxtthis is the book inspiration for interior design fair IMM that happens in Germany you can extract good things > #Funny, #Circus, #colorfullhttp://htxt.it/5Dox

Saturday, March 20

Passenger style > :?

from HelloTxtJust a poncho made by blanket that this german girl got from the airplane,,,i made this in the Porto Seguro Airport; This pic is from São Paulo and you can have other views and order also at this site

Tuesday, March 16

Natural Style: Wild and Urban

from HelloTxt
Handmade design in the middle of atlantic forest

Let me start this post telling a story.I met the French Lucille in Rainbow Meeting in Itacaré Bahia-BR and when she knew that i'm designer she asked me to make something with her fabric that she brought from India. For me it was amazing! i prefer don't say how much she paid me but i really like this top and skirt.

  Backpackers and people who loves camping are enthusiast of natural living and style. they have a specific fashion. i use to travel and camping in a lot of places here in Brazil, and i met a lot of foreigns and also Brazilians who are followers of this way of life.this really inspires to live light and free.

You can meet a lot oh these people in the cities also. They are Bixo-grilos, Hype Hippies, Rastafarians, hare Krishnas. they deserves exclusive posts but they share this same basis for the style.

Students couple in the School of Architecture in the  University of Sao Paulo

The Style codes
1-Natural Fabrics and color
3-Raw apearance (mainly in edges)
5-Unisex clothes.

Monday, January 4

my Bet in trends for 2010 seasons

from HelloTxtI bet the "imperfect" or natural trend in looks to the seasons in 2010. not dirty or ugly. only simple and natural. Without exaggeration in design, poetic crafts details. when luxury is necessary, fine fabrics. And of course the trend is on the mass market> bit.ly / msnbcmoda http://htxt.it/GOSV

⚓ i like old schoo

⚓ i like old school Tattoo