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Hip Hop Style - The Originals.

Partnership to produce a video between
"Plexo" and the Rap group "Clã Raça Forte” Brazil.
Magins of Sao Paulo
The national rap or "Rap Nacional" in portuguese is strong popular in Brazil,,, it is normally different.

Different because the rap nacional speaks about the reality for the majority population, the original propose for which it was created in the Hip Hop movement and because of that pays the price of be excluded of the big media. Paradox shared with other musician,
artists and followers in other margins around the globe, for sure.  

I know the importance of North Americans like Afrika Bambaataa creator of in the origin of Hip Hop, they are the founders beside some Jamaican guys like the Dj Kool Herc, but let me share one story that tells what i mean.

Once i met two Americans hip-hop militants (from Washington and NY ) in a community center of  Diadema city called "Casa do Hip Hop", in the marginal area of São Paulo.
They were invited to speak about hip-hop movement in his country, the origin and so. Suddenly a ~6 years old kid ask the guys: 
Iraqi Hip Hop dancers and
Michael Parks Masterson (kneeling, furthest right)
Iraqi Hip Hop dancers and Michael Parks Master...Image via Wikipedia- "what do you think about the raps singed
by some americans like 50cent? "

the guys answered:

- "well, neither everyone likes of these kind of rap..." and starts the discussion about gangsta, west and east coast...

Rap is different than Hip-Hop when it has different goals. The goal for Hip Hop is the striving for equality and justice. the same for some rappers who is united in a joint proposal,
Point for the Rap “Nacional”.

Style code.
As you know, Hip-Hop is the union of 4  street art elements: Graffiti, Break dancing, MC and DJ. Some people say that the fifith is Knowledge

The movement has various variants so i will describe here those who really is from the movement, in my point of view and for sure they inspires all the others who believes in the movement and who wants to join. The most important organization and source for the movement  is Zulu Nation.

I list what is most common separated but the items that can be merge in one look for any character. 

Break Dancers
More old-school style.
Hat with bandana or headband to dry the swear.
tight or just fit for shirts and pants.
Crew logos
Arm bands to avoid swear.

Graffiti Painters
Dirty pants with ink
Large Outfit
Backpack with various graffiti

MC’s and DJ’s
More linked with African roots.
Du Rag cap
Bling-Bling jewelry or Bijou.
Logo of your sport team.

Almost always sport shoes, most popular is basketball and street models. but some girls like to wear high shoes.

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