Tuesday, March 16

Natural Style: Wild and Urban

from HelloTxt
Handmade design in the middle of atlantic forest

Let me start this post telling a story.I met the French Lucille in Rainbow Meeting in Itacaré Bahia-BR and when she knew that i'm designer she asked me to make something with her fabric that she brought from India. For me it was amazing! i prefer don't say how much she paid me but i really like this top and skirt.

  Backpackers and people who loves camping are enthusiast of natural living and style. they have a specific fashion. i use to travel and camping in a lot of places here in Brazil, and i met a lot of foreigns and also Brazilians who are followers of this way of life.this really inspires to live light and free.

You can meet a lot oh these people in the cities also. They are Bixo-grilos, Hype Hippies, Rastafarians, hare Krishnas. they deserves exclusive posts but they share this same basis for the style.

Students couple in the School of Architecture in the  University of Sao Paulo

The Style codes
1-Natural Fabrics and color
3-Raw apearance (mainly in edges)
5-Unisex clothes.

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