Thursday, April 22

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May i call it Marginal? for me yes because it's not in the mainstream of fashion, at least not "at all yet" but i think that i can post it here while it not completes your centralization.

In the right, Henrique, an 18 yrs guy from Diadema city, metropolitan area of São Paulo, he loves rock, emocore, screamo and this kind of bands. in this area he is uncommon but he isn't alone.

In may vogue features the Facebook`s COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Well, Facebook and Vogue are not in the margins but the 

So run and prepare your Nerd Style, before it spreads too can see by what Sheryl is using on the picture of the report that the future of the geeks is `changing~ look to her "Marginal Dress" and here is some words of the Vogue's article titled "What she Saw at Revolution"

"...then emerges to answer the door in a sleeveless Calvin Klein dress and black Prada ankle boots. She calls these informal gatherings—a mix of venture capitalists, tech-company execs, moms, book-club friends, and her sister, Michelle—the Women of Silicon Valley, and they meet roughly once a month to listen to notable speakers pulled from Sandberg’s Rolodex (Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer; Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO turned California Senate hopeful; Eve Ensler, playwright and women’s-rights activist)."

I think that in TV the Sony Uggly Betty and her boyfriends is a most geek today,,,the folks of Big Bang Theory and Chuck had his time. for me this style on mainstream started in 1980's with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the others.And sure the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" is classical...

But in fact, second many fonts  "geek is first attested in 1876 with the meaning "fool," and it later also came to mean "a performer engaging in bizarre acts like biting the head off a live chicken." Perhaps the use of geek to describe a circus sideshow has contributed to its current popularity. 

I am feel like true geek, do you?

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