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After being inspired by Street Style Blogs, and making that such production, what about receive feedback on your costumes and assembly of people who looks like you have styles similar to yours?

The Fashion / Style Communities has revolutionized the way people dress and be inspired and with this, the design, production and marketing for fashion. 

The design is affected in various ways, increasing the client throbs in the creation of models, often in a direct way as in site Threadless or RYZ.

The production of fashion changes with the growth of communities that oversees labor laws such as the network "Labour Behind the Label" and one of his members "Fashioning an Ethical Industries" (FEI) that promote practices for the improvement of labor conditions around the world with diverse actions in the real plane that integrate brands, companies , designers and students. 

There is also the growth of communities that sell handdawscraft production, manufacture of independent designers and pieces of second-hand stores such as second hands blogs (brechós)etsy, ebay , Clothes Agency and even Craiglist

The sale goes on the momentum of continuous growth of e-commerce, today in the pack of shopping clubs or Groups Buying.

Some communities add several of these new changes into one, like SenseofFashion, StyleCaster, which beyond allow members to exchange opinions about looks posted, yet allow them to market their creations, indicates brands and products based on weather, climate,  locations and other data profile of each user and still send this and other information to the cell phone of a member of the community.

Now to get inspired and get feedback on your style, i list the communities where basically you upload a photo and expect to receive comments.For me the most Twitted and commented on the web. 

Here users can create their own looks with the pieces that are placed on site by our partners or are captured by the users of the Internet and can share opinions, create contacts and exercise their creativity. All pictures of items and looks user-created can be shared, allowing full interaction 

It's pretty teenager but the crowd of twenty and few or many is scoring presence, the coolest is that each upload you have the option to edit your photo online with a plug at the site editor picnik. 
Street style here is not as strong but for me the concept of style and climate are most favored. 

The chictopia is more focused on clothing and involved with the fashion industry. Here you can browse by color and type of parts, location, style and genre of who uses them enter into discussions etc ... 

Similar to Chictopia but much more European. You also accompanies what people who you follow are wearing or organizing in an interface similar to twitter.

Simpler than the above two but quite street, with a US and Latin footprint. 

Do not miss the "Stylyzer" from covet.com. This tool analyzes your style, fits you into one 
category, shows some famous who dresses like you and regularly send emails with pieces of clothing that has to do with your result.Plus some filters that you can configure such as price, color and other characteristics. Heard to say that he is your Virtual
Personal Shopper, that means it helps you make the best buys according to your tastes and preferences.

That`s all folks,,,kisses and hugs, if you want you can add me in the communities, I am with the nickname "plexo" or "ismael trabuco". see you around on the net or on the street ;)

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